Update: iMimic 1.1

It passed exactly one week since we launched iMimic. But as soon as a big crowd downloaded it and started playing we received a few crash reports. The problem was happening only on iPads running iOS 3.2. (when you tried to open the preferences or score screens, iMimic closed).

Two days after the launch we submitted a corrected version – iMimic 1.1. Today, Apple approved it.

During this week we also have shown our game in person to lots of people – and we got a bit surprised to realize we are really getting old… To a lot of people, the 80’s are already in history books, and iMimic doesn’t ring any bells at all. They needed an explanation/demo to understand how to play it. Of course, we can’t do that in person to everybody, so, it will need a new update soon :).

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iMimic 1.0 is finally on the App Store!

After working during several months on this project, last week we submitted iMimic to Apple’s approval process. All the hurry gave place to a quiet state of suspension and anxiety – on both sides of the Atlantic (Fernando is on … Continue reading

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