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It all started just for fun

Fernando and Everson have been friends for over 20 years – they studied Electronics together in High School. After University Fernando moved to Germany and Everson stayed in Brazil. Time passed, Fernando is now in the USA and Everson is studying Game Development in Spain.

“We both share a passion for computer games – so we wanted to experience something in this direction and iMimic became our first project together in years. We used a well-known game as a starting point to practice Objective-C. It is surprising how such an innocent-study project could lead us into an endless search for improvements, visual details and social features.

iMimic is made on Cocoa Touch and uses libraries for handling banners, leaderboards and achievements among others. Putting it all together and making it work smoothly granted us lots of sleepless nights.

We hope you enjoy the game – and we appreciate your support by purchasing the upgrade.”

Fernando Sciessere

Coding, working and loving… not necessarily in that order

“I fell in love with computers at an early age; precisely at the age of six when my father brought home a small Sinclair personal computer. We spent memorable time together programming in BASIC on this little fellow.

Since then, I’ve become an all-around IT professional. Developer, project manager and business analyst for small, medium and dinosaur-sized IT projects in different industries.

My passion lays on coding something new, at least new for me, in computer graphics, artificial intelligence or computer gaming.

When I’m not working, coding or thinking about what the next awesome project will be, I enjoy hanging out with my adorable wife, playing squash/racquetball and going on long runs early in the morning.”

Everson Siqueira

Part-time programmer/designer, full-time dreamer

Everson Siqueira“Dreaming is so cool – in my mind it always looks awesome! The hard part is bringing those ‘wonders’ into reality, so everybody else can see/use them.
I love many things in life but nothing beats the passion I have for watching lots of people using something I built. This addiction came by working at great Internet companies such as AOL and Yahoo!.

This quest for creating something “everybody would use” needs special help. Giuliete, my wife, is an incredible supporter – and yet, keeps me on the plane of reality. This is also true about Fernando: he is realistic about expectations and deadlines (he did almost all programming in iMimic), but also has great imagination. When you find people that play nice and easy with you, dreams can be worked out.

Academically I am an advertising person – but I also studied piano, electronics, drawing… I love woodcraft, papercraft and everything that is retro (I still have my Apple II working).”

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